Silahkan diskusi bebas tentang Indigo disini, termasuk pertanyaan dan jawaban tentang indigo.
By Crestz
Is it weird that I like those word, "my post is at level 11 of weirdness". And so at the first place I wrote, 'you guys who can read me in reality-honestly see through- please do'.

I wrote the reply in the different mood so it's might be the source of weirdness that you talked about. but yeah at first I ask about the developing skill then jump up to my current situation that actually had nothing to with it but then the problem that occur at the beginning I wrote the topic is finally done and suddenly the skill that I used to have start to re-appearing again. Is that make sense? I got a little bit confuse to finally say what is goin' on.
By anjaniey
What i wrote is not meant for a compliment, i promise you.

What you wrote meant nothing more than just practising your english, honestly. If you havent answer those question need to be asked. Really," if you have no problem no need to look for solution. If you dont know what you want then nothing need to be pursue. ". Emphasys on that. You need to start being concern on where your focus lies. Really.

Asking for people to read you is kind of bias. It is you, yourself who had issues and you believe that other people will know more about your issues than yourself? It is like, "oh hey man, i have a problem with the safety of me and my house, i think you should build a fence around it for me to feel more protected". Dude! Come on..
By anjaniey
It should disturb you more than it disturb me.

Cos by asking people to read you, you are willing to put yourself in a vulnerable position. And for what?

You see now why it is and should be disturbing for you and for me (me as one of the people who care althought my being care might be in a disturbing manner)
By setya
Mau nanya min kok yg ikut aku ,aku tanyain tadi malem pada diem semua y min? Lah teros ganti nanya punya bapak eh dijawab
Itu kenapa y min? Masak pada ngambek?
By hanggar prasetyo
salam kenal aku hanggar anak baru dari solo, saya punya sedikit permasalahan dengan diri saya sendiri yaitu ada suatu pertentangan dalam diri saya apakah saya seorang indigo atau bukan. saya sering mengalami kejadian aneh berkali-kali dan tidak masuk akal logika. seperti sadar ketika saya bermimpi dan bermain dalam mimpi, jiwa saya seperti didorong keluar ketika sedang mau tidur, melihat hal ghaib berkali-kali namun tidak pernah utuh seperti kepalanya saja atau tanganya saja, mengalami mimpi yang berulang-ulang tetapi isinya sama, ngomong asal dan jadi kenyataan dll. menurut anda semua apakah saya indigo? tolong beri jawaban. saya harap grup ini bisa membantu.
By anjaniey
@hanggar: tergantung sebutan indigonya versi mana. Kalo versi psikologi yg agak terukur, coba aja digoogle. Terdapat banyak ciri2 anak yg disebut indigo, cross check ke diri sendiri. Kalo indigo versi kebanyakan yang menganggap ciri indigo itu cuma hal-hal klenik dan mistis yang misterius ya mungkin bisa jg kamu disebut indigo. Pilih aja dan kenakan mana yg terasa cocok.
By Crestz
Bizzare is truly what was happened here.

Sorry if you confused @anjaniey. But the problem is that I know the problem and solution but failed to listen and trust myself. If I think back, the thing may be that I was trying to listen back to myself but my field also filled with what are the energies of this person have, why are they bombing me with all this unnecessary thing. That part of me that when I have a problem, I also know the solution are the most frustrated me. Because then I am just a puppet. Who's act is told to do certain thing and I have no control over. But no worries, I have learned my lesson. To trust the process and have certainty of my own action that it was chosen by me and only me even if it's come from my higher self.