Silahkan diskusi bebas tentang Indigo disini, termasuk pertanyaan dan jawaban tentang indigo.
By Crestz
I believe this topic has been review before but its still stuck as an ambiguous way to every people because everyone has such different skill that still can't be categorized. One said to believe in your self that you can, other said even if you aren't recognized that you had skill for it, it will be switch on when you feel yourself in 'danger'.

So my question (it seems like there's no connection to the intro) is how people can develop or expanding what they have,, is there a way besides believe in your self statement.

#anyone who can read me in reality. Please do. (seems like I put myself in danger but I wanna try- no dark skill allowed).
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By hexasana
01. Tergantung dari skill apa yg kamu butuhkan...
Cenderung martial arts ..atau metafisik..??

02. Pengembangannya kan juga memakai latian.
dari beginner ---> expert...dan ini butuh disiplin, dedicated, kreativitas dan kesabaran.

03. Aslinya / pada kenyataan nya, sangat sulit membedakan mana yg berasal dari kegelapan dan mana yg terang.(utk metafisik). :D :D
Karena kekuatan dari kegelapan jg bisa buat 'menerangi'.. :D
Kecuali org tsb sangat perduli dari manakah kekuatannya itu berasal.? Dan dlm kondisi sudah sgt expert...ahli dan sgt lihai. :-))
Namun kebanyakan gak perduli,..atau meng klaim dari hasilnya.
By anjaniey
I am one of the people who believe that all human is capable of doing what other human can. What differenciate is merely your mind, your beliefs that influence your action and therefore influence your reality.

I have just read about quantum physic or related to that is that behind our every action is either FORCE or POWER (according to David. R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., in his book POWER VERSUS FORCE ; AN ANATOMY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, THE HIDDEN DETERMINATS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR).
FORCE are hate, anger, desperation, arogancy, blaming other entities outside oneself, etc. (These are things that people consider came from the darkness). Meanwhile POWER are happiness, respect, serenity, peace, forgiveness, contentment, etc (The white side). Common people known them as NIAT / intention.

It is fully lies on which one you choose to base your action with, is it FORCE or POWER. When you choose to use FORCE then you will gave all of your might, even have to give 3x effort to reach your destination and it will drained you out. You might even dont remember the reason why you want to reach your destination in the first place. Worst, you might not be able to recognize yourself when you get there. Although FORCE is not always bad when you are able to use it just enough and not abuse it. Meanwhile when you choose to use POWER, you might as well not forcing yourself so much in doing something because when you run towards your destination, miraculously the said destination will run towards you and meet you half way. It wont drain you out. It will give you more. Use POWER or abuse it. It wont make any difference. Its all good.

Therefore to answer your question: it is not about your destination, or what you do, but how do you it, and with what. Decide your choice wisely and you might get the answers you're looking for, if not more.

But allow me to ask you: what exactly the skill that you talk about in your writting earlier?
By Crestz
Thanks for the reply anyway guys. I don't even know what skill I'm talking about now since I've lost my way of life pretty much recently and those bastards start to come over again (don't question these). I seems always questioning every single thing that I actually already know the answer just to make sure I get the 'what other people think' .... it's not because I always care about what other people say ,, it's because I've been thought that I have no sense of life (don't know what this mean either-but it seems fit to the content I'm talking about).. so just for some references at the moment.
By anjaniey
Well, as long as we're not one of those people who brings themselves to asks questions, searches, finds, and then runaway.
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By Admin
yang kayak gini justru yang bisa bikin skill ilang, terlalu maksa, dan gak enjoy :D

harus enjoy dan se enjoy mungkin dong V(^_^)
By Crestz
Really?? actually I'm writing this topic because 'the skill' is coming back. I've gotten scared about it and just to secure myself, I was asking the question.
By anjaniey
Kyk lg nonton salah satu episode xfiles.

What exactly your problem? What exactly do you want? You need to answer those question first. Because if you dont have any problem then no need for solution. If you dont know what you want then nothing needs to be pursue.

Because in the level of weirdness from 1 to 10. Your post is at level 11. 110% Bizzare.